CMOM Residency Outreach

CMOM Residency Outreach

Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s in-school residency programs bring the Museum to you! Our expert educators enrich your curriculum with hands-on activities, artifacts, and art-making, while encouraging students to explore new ideas and stretch their imaginations. Each residency includes:

  • Two guided class visits to the Museum
  • Curriculum planning with a Museum educator and classroom teachers
  • Six to ten Museum workshops in the classroom


Global Cultures

Kindergarten – 5th grade

Our Global Cultures residencies integrate literacy, object-based learning, and art-making to transport students around the world. Expert in the field of child development and experiential learning, the Children’s Museum helps students to explore multiple identities and perspectives by establishing their existing knowledge and gradually introducing unfamiliar concepts.

Each residency is customized to meet the needs of the students and their teacher, and addresses New York City standards in the Arts and Social Studies. Students will delve into themes such as: culture and identity, time, continuity and change, places and environments.

Art Around the World – Museum educators bring the museum to the classroom with authentic art and artifacts from a wide variety of countries and cultures. Students will investigate Indian mosque architecture, Ghanaian adinkra cloth, Peruvian textiles, Native American totem poles, and more. Students will create their own original works of art in each workshop, exploring media and methods such as Chinese landscape painting, Japanese block printing, Greek pottery, and more.

Myths and Mysteries from Anansi to Zeus –Storytelling traditions directly connect to our cultures and history. As students begin a literary journey from country to country, they will encounter legendary characters, collect rich folktales, and build their cultural awareness by connecting these stories to themselves and their lives today. Each budding storyteller will create his or her own puppet, story stones, and found-object instruments to tell a personal narrative.

For more information about the residency programs and pricing, please contact Susan Lim at



Lower Elementary

Prekindergarten – 2nd grade



Prepare your students for a visit to CMOM’s City Splash! exhibition or use this program to introduce environmental science through the study of water. Students discover how rain falls, a boat floats, a submarine submerges and which animals make the ocean their home.


Rainforest Explorers

Created in conjunction with CMOM’s Adventures with Dora and Diego exhibition, use this program to introduce students to the science behind exploration through an in depth study of the plants and animals that make the Central and South American rainforests unique.


Animals & Habitats 

Animals & Habitats introduces students to different species of animals and their environments through teaching artifacts, games, interactive story telling and art projects that reinforce classroom learning.  


Bug Out

Investigate what insects are, what makes them unique and how they are a crucial part of the environment. Find out how fire flies glow, mosquitoes suck blood, flies see and spiders spin webs.



Upper Elementary

3rd grade – 5th grade


Gross Biology

Discover what is inside our bodies and how the systems work together. Students explore how blood is pumped, food digested, air is breathed and your brain thinks.


Far Out Physics

Inspire students to better understand the world around them by looking at basic principals in physics through experimentation asking what makes hot air rise, objects fall, colors visible and instruments play music? 


Space Oddities

Explore the Earth, the Sun, surrounding planets, stars, constellations and more through inquiry and experiments. Students learn what life may be like on other planets, what stars are made of and how astronauts are able to travel all the way to the moon.


Crazy Chemistry 

Designed to introduce and excite students about the nature of the world around them. Students make predictions, perform experiments and draw conclusions as they explore different stages of solids, liquids and gases.


Simple Machines

Students take a look at how simple machines get a lot of hard work completed. Through hands-on experiments, designing and building models, students explore how engineering can improve our lives.


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Schedule of Programs

Messy With Art, 10:00am

5 & younger
Explore new textures and techniques as we use art materials in unusual ways!

Movement & Circle Time, 11:00am

5 & younger

Dance along, sing fun songs and read some special stories! 

Mural Wall Painting, 12:00pm

5 & younger

Mix paint on the PlayWorks™ Mural Wall

Kamishibai Storytelling, 12:30pm

All ages

Kamishibai is a traditional form of Japanese storytelling. Join CMOM educators for an interactive telling of traditional and modern kawaii-inspired stories.

Lovely Ladybugs, 1:00pm

5 & younger
Celebrate spring by creating a ladybug from recycled materials! How many does your ladybug have?

S.T.E.A.M Lab, 3:00pm

5 & younger
Watch things fizz, tinker with some toys and explore other experiments inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!

Movement & Circle Time, 4:00pm

5 & younger

Dance along, sing fun songs and read some special stories! 

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