Classes for Kids
Ages 14 months – 2 years

Parent and Child Classes

CMOM's small, intimate classes give adults the opportunity to observe and learn about their child’s unique learning style while preparing children for preschool.

Ages 2 – 3 years

Gentle Separation Classes

Our gentle separation classes prepare both parents and children for the preschool experience by allowing them to gradually separate at their own pace.

Ages 3 and older

Drop-off Classes

We've developed a variety of classes for different age groups that make science investigation and art exploration part of your child’s everyday learning.

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Messy with Art: Let’s Make Playdough!, 10:00am

4 & younger

Help CMOM educators make playdough from scratch!  Explore texture by using your hands to help mix the ingredients.

EatPlayGrow™ Wednesdays: Fabulous Fruits Sing-A-Long, 10:45am

4 & younger

Sing-a-long with us and get excited about the fabulous rainbow of fruits!

Movement & Circle Time, 11:30am

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories.

EatPlayGrow™: Fabulous Fruits Basket, 12:15pm

4 & younger

Create a healthy fruit basket to explore texture, shapes, size, and colors. Discover new fruit s and build vocabulary as your sort through a variety of images of delicious fruits.

Measure Up!, 3:15pm

4 & younger

Explore measuring tools like cups, tape and rulers to learn how different materials are measured.

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