National You Make It Go Day

Join CMOM on September 27th for UMIGO Presents National You Make It Go Day. Discover the wild and wacky world of UMIGO; online appisodes that feature the adventures and mishaps of Bit, Bean and Dizzy – three outrageous and adventurous best friends! Enjoy a day of UMIGO-themed programming that will get your little ones excited about math. Stop by to build a tower of UMIs (the gang’s cute little helpers!) and make one of your own to take home. Practice skip counting by making a colorful necklace or try your hand at UMIball as you practice the different ways to count to 10!

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CMOM is proud to present UMIGO, a cross media math experience funded by a Ready to Learn Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. UMIGO is available to you and your family through an interactive touch screen “You Make It Go” kiosk located on our fourth floor. There, the world of UMIGO is yours to explore at the swipe of a screen through multi layered appisodes.

Each appisode is a multimedia experience that combines funny, character driven stories, leveled game play and music videos. As they play, users will follow the adventures and mishaps of Bit, Bean and Dizzy – three outrageous and adventurous best friends. Children become active participants in the story and use their math skills to solve the gang’s biggest problems.

Stop by the “You Make It Go” kiosk to explore each appisode and to pick up additional information as well as extended UMIGO learning materials for at-home use produced by CMOM and approved by national mathematics experts!

UMIGO in the Classroom

Aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, UMIGO is a fun and engaging way to supplement learning that is already taking place in the classroom. Children process and master topics at a personalized pace; creating the building blocks to future learning. By presenting material in an exciting way, UMIGO builds a positive association with math and allows children to build the self-efficacy and confidence necessary to become effective problem solvers. Best of all new appisodes are being released every few months, ensuring fresh and interesting content for both kids and parents to enjoy.

UMIGO Measurement Activities
UMIGO Adding to 10 Activities

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Messy with Art: Wet Chalk Drawing, 10:00am

4 & younger

Love chalk drawing?  What do you think happens when you dip the chalk in water?

Bubble Party Tuesdays: Car Wash, 10:45am

4 & younger

Suds up those wheels! Join us as we give our toy cars a strong scrub!

Movement & Circle Time, 11:30am

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories.

Exploring Science: Erupting Volcanos , 12:15pm

4 & younger

Cause mini volcanoes to erupt by dropping colored vinegar into baking soda.

CMOM Kamishibai , 2:00pm

All ages

Kamishibai is a traditional form of Japanese storytelling. Join CMOM educators for an interactive telling of traditional and modern, kawaii-inspired stories.


Mural Wall Painting, 2:00pm

4 & younger

Mix paint on the PlayWorks™ Mural Wall.

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum! , 2:45pm

All ages

A taiko is a traditional Japanese drum. Create your own taiko-inspired drum and learn a traditional rhythm to play on it. 

Does it Dissolve?, 3:15pm

4 & younger

What happens when you mix sugar in water? Find out what substances dissolve, or melt into liquid, when we perform an experiment!

Movement & Circle Time, 4:00pm

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories

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