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 The Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s Play is Learning resource website is an educational database that provides lesson plans, activities and visual documentation to support developing creative and educational environments in home care settings and childcare centers. This resource was developed for the Play is Learning professional development series which partners CMOM and CUNY’s New York City Early Childhood Professional Development Institute in providing professional development training for New York City childcare providers.

We invite you to network and share ideas with us though the Play is Learning email which provides direct access to CMOM’s education department.

Photographs shown on this site have been taken using cell phone technology.

CMOM wishes to thank the Verizon Foundation for its generous support of the Play is Learning program. Additional support for CMOM's early childhood professional development has been provided by New York Community Trust, United Way of New York City, JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Booth Ferris Foundation.



The most important job we have as educators is to help guide and nurture each child’s individual process. Art experiences for young children are more about exploring materials and engaging in the process, and less about the finished product. When working with young children, we must re-learn how to have fun, be silly and to paint outside the lines. For more information please visit the Art page.

Yellow paper with collage material


You don’t have to be an expert in science to support a child’s science learning. Simple activities can teach the key science concepts of volume, density, measurement and weight. Children learn as they make discoveries through experimentation. For more information please visit the Science page.

Brightly colored foam sculpture



Children have an intuitive ability to understand basic math concepts. Help them uncover math and pre-math skills in everyday play. Through art, literacy, and music children learn addition, sorting, counting, and basic shapes. Early math experiences also help children build vocabulary. For more information please visit the Math page.

Blue playdough balls


Healthy Lifestyles  

At an early age children can begin developing healthy habits. Through creative and fun activities we can help families establish healthy nutrition and physical activity routines. For more information on using health literacy, art, culture, science, movement and cooking activities to inspires children and families to maintain healthy and active lifestyles visit the Eat Sleep Play page.


Dem Bones Collage

Helpful Hints

Here are some suggestions for playing and learning with your children at home as well as other great teaching practices.  For more information please visit the Helpful Hints Page.

Create Your Own Lesson Plan

Be inspired and learn the how to create your own lesson plan.

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Schedule of Programs

Messy With Art, 10:00am

5 & younger
Explore new textures and techniques as we use art materials in unusual ways!

Movement & Circle Time, 11:00am

5 & younger

Dance along, sing fun songs and read some special stories! 

Mural Wall Painting, 12:00pm

5 & younger

Mix paint on the PlayWorks™ Mural Wall

Kamishibai Storytelling, 12:30pm

All ages

Kamishibai is a traditional form of Japanese storytelling. Join CMOM educators for an interactive telling of traditional and modern kawaii-inspired stories.

Lovely Ladybugs, 1:00pm

5 & younger
Celebrate spring by creating a ladybug from recycled materials! How many does your ladybug have?

S.T.E.A.M Lab, 3:00pm

5 & younger
Watch things fizz, tinker with some toys and explore other experiments inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!

Movement & Circle Time, 4:00pm

5 & younger

Dance along, sing fun songs and read some special stories! 

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