CMOM Spring Benefit 2012

CMOM Spring Benefit 2012

Thank you to our Supporters and Partners for making our 2012 Spring Benefit a huge success!

More than 350 people joined CMOM for night of celebration at the Metropolitan Pavilion to help raise $800,000 to support CMOM’s outreach programming and critical work to provide access to low-income families.

It is not too late to join in this outpouring of generosity and excitement. We raised $66,000 to provide FREE access to the Museum's educational exhibits and programs for 6,500 Head Start families all across the city. Our goal is to reach 10,000 Head Start children and their parents.

Please help CMOM meet its goal by making a contribution today!

• $5250 = 25 CMOM Family Memberships or free admission for 500 Head Start children
• $2100 = 10 CMOM Family Memberships or free admission for 200 Head Start children
• $1050 = 5 CMOM Family Memberships or free admission for 100 Head Start children
• $210 = 1 CMOM Family Membership or free admission for 20 Head Start children

Donate now!

Your support will help to ensure the development of happy, creative and productive children, and the health and well-being of every family we reach. 


CMOM would like to thank the following donors for the generous support of the Spring Benefit!

Judith and John J. Hannan
halley k harrisburg and Michael Rosenfeld
Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins
Laurie M. Tisch

Ellen and Andrew Celli
LaMae Allen deJongh and Sydney deJongh
Kara and Wayne Fingerman
Goldman Sachs Gives
Meringoff Family Foundation

Dean and Anna Backer
Mimi and Michael Boublik
HaPhoung and Chinh Chu
Maria and Kenneth Cole
Renee Edelman/Edelman
Jeffrey S. Feinman, DDK & Company LLP
Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, P.C.
Geeta Sharma and Rajeev Narang
Mr. and Mrs. Raffiq Nathoo
Kate and Brad Peck
Marc and Nancy Cohen Roberts
Scholastic, Inc.
Billie Tisch
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
Jennifer Heller Wold and Keith C. Wold, Jr.
Nadine and Richard Woldenberg

Jody and John Arnhold
Elizabeth Sarnoff and Andy Cohen
Julia Kahr and Brian Colton
Jeffrey Feinman
Melanie Shorin and Greg Feldman
Arlyn and Edward L. Gardner
The John P. and AnneWelsh McNulty Foundation
Elaine and Ken Langone
The Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Foundation
Linda and Sandy Lindenbaum
The Margaret and Daniel Loeb-Third Point Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Michaelcheck
Daniel M. Neidich and Brooke Garber Foundation
Jennifer and Mark Pearlman
Bradford and Kate Peck
Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky
The Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation
Patricia and Douglas Sacks
Shirley and Yossi Sagol
Pam B. Schafler
Elizabeth and Mayo Stuntz
Teri Weiss
Christiane Lemieux and Joshua Young

Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Adelman
Sharon and Elliott Aronson
Barbara Bantivoglio
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Yuki Hirose and Eric Brenner
Frank Brosens
Lisa Kim and Eunu Chun
Amy Siskind and Michael Cohen
Denham Wolf Real Estate
Jennie L. and Richard K. DeScherer
Cheryl and Blair Effron
First Republic Bank
Edythe and Mike Gladstein
Jody and Mark Gorton
Gorton & Partners
Madeleine and Jeff Grant
Susan Hamill
Emily and David Harris
Ellyn Berk and Raymond Heslin
Danielle and Kevin Koplin
Cindy Kurtin
Patti S. Lieberman
Kate and Carl Lobell
Larry Machiz
Michael Cohen Group LLC
Rodney M. Miller, Sr.
Hee-Jung and John J. Moon
Susan and James Mullin
National School Supply & Equipment Association
Andrew Nelson
Nancy and Michael Neuman
Laura and Richard Parsons
Julie Ratner
Mrs. Frederick P. Rose
Barbara and Richard Schiffrin
Jane Hartley and Ralph Schlosstein
Tracy Chutorian-Semler and Eric Semler
Susan Kargman and Robert Siegel
Amanda Lipitz and Greg Smith
Silda Wall Spitzer
Elizabeth and Matthew Steinberg
Stribling & Associates, Ltd.
Teachers College
Toy Industry Foundation
Steve Warner
Marcia and Bob Warner
James and Priscilla Warner
Joan Weberman
Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson

Patricia P. Abramson
Steven Ackerman
Betsy Morgan and Jonathan Cary
Simona and Jerome A. Chazen
Wendy and Paul Delaney
DeWitt Stern Group, Inc.
Nancy Fisher
Joyce and Chris Frost
Barbara S. Goldman
Lois Perelson-Gross and Stewart Gross
Nate Guild
Amy Wolf and John Hatfield
Roberta and Peter Hirsch
Linda LeRoy Janklow
Richard A. Lippe
Carol and Arthur Maslow
Gertrude Michelson
Oceanic Graphic International, Inc.
Patricof Family Foundation
Joan and Arthur Sarnoff
Melissa and Robert Soros
Carolyn Stoller
Judy E. Tenney
The Weissman Family Foundation
Charles Yassky

CMOM also gratefully acknowledges donors for their generous contributions to the Tombola raffle, which helped us raise $24,000! View list »

“I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to hear first hand from your board members and supporters about the breadth and depth of CMOM's footprint. [CMOM’s Spring Benefit] was a testament to the great work that you do on a daily basis and the lives of the men, women, and children that you are impacting globally.”

—Althea Brown,
Morgan Stanley Strategy Team

CMOM Board of Directors

Laurie M. Tisch
halley k harrisburg
Miyoung Lee
Rajeev Narang
Mark R.T. Adkins
Judith Hannan
Mark B. Pearlman

Michael J. Boublik
Ellen Unterberg Celli
Elizabeth Sarnoff Cohen
Michael Cohen
 LaMae Allen deJongh
Renee Edelman
Wayne Fingerman
Jennifer Heller Wold
Myron Kaplan
 Christiane Lemieux
Kevin B. McGrath
 Raffiq A. Nathoo
Nancy Cohen Roberts
Robin A. Vince
Marcia L. Warner
Steven Warner
Teri Weiss

Bette Korman

Andrew S. Ackerman
Executive Direct

Save the Date!
CMOM 2014 Spring Gala

Thursday, 15 May 2014
The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers

Schedule of Programs

CMOM'S New York Treasures Scavenger Hunt, 10:00am

All ages

10am - 4:45pm

Search for hidden New York treasures throughout CMOM’s five floors of interactive exhibitions in a daily scavenger hunt this summer. Learn fun facts about NYC’s most famous attractions and cultural institutions along the way. Each hidden New York treasure will give you clues to solve a secret message and win a small prize!

SCENTsory Jars, 10:00am

5 & older

What’s that smell?! Did you know that scent memories are stored in our brains? Join us as we test our noses and brains by smelling various mystery items!

Movement & Melodies, 10:30am

5 & younger

Get your music muscles moving! Create a whimsical performance as you compose your own song with our interactive creature video installation!

Way Down Underground: Pop-up Water Science- City Splash , 10:30am

All ages

With support from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, join CMOM educators for some pop-up water experiments and story times in CMOM’s outdoor water exhibit City Splash. Learn about where your water comes from and where it goes as we explore NYC way down underground.

Movement & Circle Time, 11:00am

5 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories.

Parachute Play, 11:30am

5 & younger

Blue and green, yellow and red. What colors can you find over head?

Mural Wall Painting, 12:00pm

5 & younger

Mix paint on the PlayWorks™ Mural Wall.

Good Vibrations, 12:30pm

5 & younger

How are sounds made? How can you change sounds? Learn about the science behind sound waves as we make beautiful music together!

Baby Bath Time, 1:00pm

5 & younger

Don’t forget to wash behind their ears! Join us as we give our baby dolls a sweet-smelling bubble bath!

Bubble Wrap Pop, 1:30pm

5 & younger

Snap! Pop! Dance with us on bubble wrap!

Tubingen Duck Race, 2:00pm

5 & older

Each year thousands of yellow rubber duckies make their way along the picturesque River Neckar in Germany to the sounds of cheering crowds. Join us and cheer on your favorite duck for our mini-duck race!

Jam Band, 2:30pm

5 & younger

Use tambourines, maracas, bells and rhythm sticks to make beats as CMOM educators lead you in a collaborative and creative jam session

Building Sandcastles, 3:00pm

5 & younger

Use geometric shapes to build sandcastles with us!

Movement & Melodies, 3:30pm

5 & younger

Get your music muscles moving! Create a whimsical performance as you compose your own song with our interactive creature video installation!

Movement & Circle Time, 4:00pm

5 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories.

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