CMOM’s Note on the Events at Sandy Hook Elementary School

The staff at CMOM send our thoughts and prayers to the children and families of Sandy Hook Elementary School of Newtown, Connecticut. In response to the event, Andy Ackerman, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan sent the following note to CMOM’s Board of Directors and Staff:

Dear CMOM Board of Directors and Staff,
Today’s tragedy in Connecticut is an unbearable loss.  As we hug our own children, family and friends, let us recommit ourselves to creating a place of joy and safety, filled with the irreplaceable laughter and delight of children and the adults who nurture them.
May our work together over the coming years for millions of children help to salve this deep wound.
Thank you all for your incredible work on behalf of all children.
Andrew Ackerman
Executive Director
Children’s Museum of Manhattan

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Messy with Art: Icicle Painting, 10:00am

4 & younger

Use frozen cubes of to create a chilly picture. Watch as the paint melts and changes texture.

Stack ‘em Up Thursdays: Take Shape!, 10:45am

4 & younger

Learn how shapes come together to form the world around us. Use repurposed materials to create a three-dimensional work of art!

Movement & Circle Time, 11:30am

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories.

Math Wizards: Pattern-Matching Game , 12:15pm

4 & younger

Find beautiful patterns in nature as you create a pattern-matching game.

Mural Wall Painting, 2:00pm

4 & younger

Mix paint on the PlayWorks™ Mural Wall.

CMOM Kamishibai , 2:00pm

All ages

Kamishibai is a traditional form of Japanese storytelling. Join CMOM educators for an interactive telling of traditional and modern, kawaii-inspired stories.


Kawaii Bento Box, 2:45pm

All ages

Bento is a single-portion meal served in a box, which has become its own art form. Design your own kawaii-inspired bento box to hold your lunch!


Leaping Lily Pads, 3:15pm

4 & younger

Color your own Lilly Pad. Then, count to 20 as you pretend to be a frog as you leap from pad to pad!

Movement & Circle Time, 4:00pm

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories

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