EatPlayGrow™ Curriculum

EatPlayGrow™ Curriculum

EatPlayGrow™ is a new early childhood health curriculum developed in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) adapted the We Can!® obesity prevention program (originally for ages 8-13) creating EatPlayGrow™ to teach children ages 6 and younger and their adult caregivers how to make healthy nutrition and physical activity choices. This curriculum combines the latest science and research from the NIH with CMOM’s holistic arts and literacy-based pedagogy to engage families and adults who work with young children with creative programs and consistent health messages in informal and formal learning environments.

The entire curriculum has been reviewed by HHS scientific experts to ensure that the information is scientifically accurate and consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.



Bring EatPlayGrow™ to your community!

The curriculum offers a series of 11 healthy lifestyle lessons with hands-on activities, essential facts and simple strategies that make healthy choices fun and easy to include in daily routines—at home, at school or in the community. Each educational lesson is aligned with the appropriate National Pre-K Health Performance Standards and addresses the multiple ways children learn through storytelling, art-making, music and movement activities to teach the importance of making positive choices in the areas that most affect health: nutrition, physical activity and sleep.

Designed for use by families, educators, home-based childcare providers, community organizers, health advocates, librarians and others who work with young children, the EatPlayGrow™ curriculum can be easily adapted into family life and existing programming, or stand alone as its own health unit!

CMOM offers professional development trainings at the Museum, a special series of webinars with the NIH, and an online training companion website. The EatPlayGrow™ website also serves as an online community for practitioners and features original content including: music videos, step-by-step activity instructions, links to books aligned to health content, and 52 weekly emails featuring curated EatPlayGrow™ content to enhance user experience.

Download the EatPlayGrow™ curriculum and visit the EatPlayGrow™ website to start learning now!



CMOM’s National Outreach Dissemination Partners

As part of its EatSleepPlay health initiative, CMOM has tested the EatPlayGrow™ curriculum with families and caregivers. By leveraging and connecting CMOM’s relationships with the National Head Start Association, Association of Children’s Museums, and Family Place Libraries–in addition to the NIH’s 1,000 We Can!® community partner sites–and as a Let’s Move! Museum partner, the EatSleepPlay™ initiative will be replicated through existing national networks with tremendous reach at the grassroots level in order to improve health and education services in high-need communities.

The following partners will help CMOM disseminate the EatPlayGrow™ curriculum free of charge throughout the country to their constituent organizations:

Contact to learn how to join the EatPlayGrow™ a dissemination network.


The EatPlayGrow™: curriculum has been developed with the generous support of the Laurie M.Tisch Illumination Fund; the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency; W.K. Kellogg Foundation; Goldman Sachs Gives; New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; United Way of New York City; Walmart Foundation; Joan Ganz Cooney Fund at the New York Community Trust; and Amherst Foundation.

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Schedule of Programs

Jam Band, 10:30am

5 & younger

Use tambourines, maracas, bells and rhythm sticks to make beats as CMOM educators lead you in a collaborative and creative jam session.

Awesome Airplanes, 10:30am

6 & older

The airplane is an important invention that required creativity and ingenuity. Celebrate this important innovation by learning about the history of aviation and the scientific knowledge used to develop flight while creating your own model airplane that flies

Picture This!: Camera Obscura, 11:00am

6 & older

Over one thousand years ago, Muslim physicist and mathematician Alhazen invented the camera obscura – a tool that led to the modern day camera. Experience the wonders of a camera obscura and learn how you can make your own using household materials.

Movement & Circle Time, 11:00am

5 & younger

Get your music muscles moving! Create a whimsical performance as you compose your own song with our interactive creature video installation! 

Parachute Play, 11:30am

5 & younger

Blue and green, yellow and red. What colors can you find over head?

Picture This!: Camera Obscura, 12:00pm

6 & older

Over one thousand years ago, Muslim physicist and mathematician Alhazen invented the camera obscura – a tool that led to the modern day camera. Experience the wonders of a camera obscura and learn how you can make your own using household materials.

Mural Wall Painting, 12:00pm

5 & younger

Mix paint on the PlayWorks™ Mural Wall.

Sing and Sign, 12:30pm

5 & younger

Move your body and use your hands to sing your favorite songs!

Closed for Private Event , 2:00pm

All ages

Museum will be closed at 2pm for a private event. 

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